Dark Almond Ganache, Black Sesame Buttercream

My pairings turned out pretty well yesterday so I wanted to share with you :) For my chocolate macarons, I filled them with Dark Almond Ganache. Here’s the recipe I used:

Dark Almond Ganache, adapted from Use Real Butter:

6.5oz dark chocolate
1.5oz milk chocolate
3/4 C manufacturing cream
2 T unsalted butter
1.5t almond extract

First heat the cream to a boil, then pour over chocolate. Leave it alone until the chocolate becomes soft, then whisk in butter until smooth. Stir almond extract in until incorporated.

I wanted more of a almond flavor so I up-ed the almond extract from 1t in the original recipe to 1.5t in mine. The almond flavor was then quite strong, which I personally liked, but also slightly bitter. Next time I’ll decrease it to 1.25t and probably use more milk chocolate.

Now for the Black Sesame shells… I still had left over buttercream so I decided why not? I added 1.5T of black sesame powder to my buttercream and viola, it was amazing! The black sesame powder does WONDERS (I bought mine at Marina, $2.99 a bag!). I especially like that it already comes slightly salty, so it didn’t make the buttercream overwelming at all. YUMMSSS

I also love my new Nikon. The photos turned out beautifully.  YAyyyys :)

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