Espresso Macarons

I’m not sure if my expectations have suddently become increasingly higher… or I am getting worse and worse at making macarons :( I’m sad to say that it’s probably the latter, but I have no idea why!

My batches this week have only yielded a handful of decent shells; the others I chuck in the garbage out of frustration. If the shells don’t crack, then they are hollow, or they won’t peel away from the parchment paper. I think the last two are correlated… because all the ones I have trouble peeling away are hollow inside. And now I’m beginning to wonder is it because I bake them for too long or not enough? Because actually I have up-ed the baking time from 10 minutes to about 13 minutes… but 13 minutes doesn’t seem too long because the cookie is still a little damp inside (yaknow, the ones that fall apart on me!).

Another big problem I am having is that the cookies are producing beautiful feet in the oven. But the second I take them out of the oven, they are collapsing! I literally watch them fall down. This is super frustrating :(

BUT at least I am getting this flavor down. Espresso was a little tricky because I wanted to use it in liquid form, but was scared to mess up the properties of the batter. I used a trick that I learned from Jen’s Use Real Butter, in which you whisk the liquid to the sugar first, then let it dry. I didn’t want to push my limits so I only used about 1t of espresso. The end result was quite nice! The espresso flavor wasn’t very strong in the shell itself, but just enough there to make you think, Hmm, what is that? When I couple it with my mocha almond ganache, I’ll be honest and say it was glorious.

Since I was disappointed I couldn’t get more espresso flavor in the shell, the next day I tried espresso grinds and incorporated it like I would with matcha or black sesame powder. While the end product was bursting with espresso flavor, it was super grainy from the espresso beans. It was actually pretty gross, so I won’t be trying that again!

You can see the espresso grinds here

Oh well. Next week’s flavor… I think I’ll give Green Tea another shot.


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