PB&J Macarons

I have outdone myself! :D

I had a few hours to kill before picking up Jon at the airport so I decided I would bake him macarons. He’s never had mine before so I had a hard time picking which ones to make… Raspberry with Mascapone cheese filling? My favorite Black Sesame ones? Or be ambitious and try mixing my nuts for the first time and make Peanut Macarons?

I thought Peanut Macarons sound a little funny and even a bit funky, but I found them on Tartelette’s website and let’s face it, I love a challenge. So there I was, grinding peanuts and almonds together in my food processor. About 95 minutes later, I was staring wide-eyed at these beautiful things:

The flavor is a-mazing. I’m not a HUGE fan of peanuts, but the blend here of peanuts and almonds and sugar is perfect. It’s not overwelming but the peanut taste is definitely there. And look at those feet! I was careful this time to bake them just the right amount of time (14 minutes for me) so I wouldn’t lose them. I’m so glad I had that sweet epiphany (see last post).

Now, to my problem. I didn’t know what to fill them with! Of course peanut butter and jelly came to mind, but here I am two days later wondering if I liked the combo. It was good in the way that PB&J sandwiches are good, you know? Comforting and familiar. But was it I-took-a-bite-and-it-changed-my-world good? I’m not sure…

I considered salted caramel, but let’s be honest, I’m too lazy for that. Jon suggested something to do with bananas, which I thought was a good idea, until I considered any realistic options. What goes well with Peanuts? Perhaps you can tell me.

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One thought on “PB&J Macarons

  1. […] a whole year ago I made peanut macaron shells for the first time. If you remember from this post, I had a lot of trouble filling them. Finally, about 11 months later, I decided to give the filling […]

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