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S’more Macarons

Hello again! Excuse my hiatus. I was honestly too exhausted after my baguette challenge to continue any kind of baking, including making macarons. Baking bread is incredibly difficult. It looks easy, sounds easy and has an easy recipe, but man is it exhausting. But that’s a different story for a different time.

This post is about my friend Stephanie. My friend Stephanie loves macarons. She also loves s’mores. She now loves s’more macarons (I hope?)!

I’m surprised there aren’t too many recipes/sites on this delicious little treat yet. I thought the concept was fairly simple. I’d make the shells graham-cracker-flavored and fill with marshmallows and melted chocolate. To put a more personal touch, I decided to make the marshmellows from scratch instead of using store-bought ones.  And luckily for me, I have easy access to a lot, lot of chocolate icing – which is better than boring melted chocolate :)

For the shells, I added about 25-30 g of crushed graham crackers  to the mixture – the finer the grind, the better. I made a little extra to sprinkle on the tops of the shells, scared that the shells wouldn’t have enough color.

The marshmallows take overnight to set so I had to make them a day before. I’ve used a couple recipes, and the final product doesn’t come out too differently. If you plan to make these though, have patience and know that it’s going to be very, very sticky! Once they set overnight in the fridge, and you tumble the pieces through powder sugar, they are more manageable.

I used a circular cookie cutter to cut the marshmallow the size of my piped shells. Meanwhile, I put a bowl of chocolate frosting over some warm water to thin in a bit and make it easier to use.

Then, assembly!

But like I said, this is a post about my friend Stephanie. She loves macarons, and she loves s’mores. I know they were like a million days late, but I hope she liked them anyway!

Everyone strives for perfection, but there's something very beautiful about imperfection.

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