Chestnut Mousse Verrines and an untouched site

Work has been all consuming lately that I haven’t touched this blog OR my “new” website since my last post. I didn’t want to continue posting here at this WordPress Blog but since the site is no where near finished, an update here is better than nothing!

I realized that I never posted about the Chocolate and Chestnut Mousse Verrines that I made back in February. Here are some photos but as for the recipe, I basically followed Tartelette’s blog. I believe I made mine with a dark chocolate mousse instead of milk chocolate and used my own ganache recipe, but other than that, same ideas going on. I loooove chestnuts so I very much enjoyed these verrines but unfortunately found that not too many other people share this sentiment. They weren’t bad by any means (I am told, anyway) but not life changing for others.

mixing in whipped cream to melted dark chocolate for the first layer of the verrine

Although.. in the process of making these Verrines I realized that I have been misusing the word “mousse” for quite some time. Apparently what I’ve been making in the kitchen are in fact not mousses but Bavarian Creams. Generally all the “mousse” recipes I’m familiar with require cooking over the stove, which would technically make it a Bavarian cream. Tartelette’s recipe only requires the mixing of chocolate (or whatever ingredient) with whipped cream, which is what a mousse actually is.

mixing chestnut paste with whipped cream to make mousse! doesn't this look dreamy?

Okay so maybe that wasn’t very interesting to you but I thought it was fascinating! Fascinating and also very confusing. I think I might just continue to call them all mousses, if that doesn’t offend anyone. I hate to be incorrect but doesn’t it seem a little bougie to call it Bavarian Cream all the time?

obviously I was partial to the chestnut mousse

I also love making chocolate decor pieces. The only thing that keeps me from playing around with my chocolate temperer more is that it’s extremely messy, and I am so impatient. Plus melted chocolate is so hard to clean! Only when I’m in a very patient state of mind do I play around with transfer sheets.

decorated with chocolate pieces and shavings

My next post will be more fun, I promise.

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