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King Trumpet & Onions

I have to credit most of this post to my friend Brian, who really was the one who stumbled across this recipe of his. Couple months ago we decided to have a steak dinner night, and Brian had made sauteed mushrooms for our side. They were so good that they were completely devoured before the steaks were even done. When we went to his fridge to make more, we were very sad to find that we used the last of his button mushrooms but there was a bag of King Trumpet mushrooms! HMM… hunger outweighed our fear that it wouldn’t be so good so into the pan they went.

And now it’s because my go-to dish to cook. Just thinking about them makes me hungry :( So I will write this post quickly so I can feed my incessantly hungry-for-mushrooms tummy.

It’s super easy and super delicious. I love it when the ratio of easy to yummy is so high! All you need is a bag of King Trumpet (also known as King Oyster) mushrooms, a yellow onion, soy sauce, a splash of red wine and sesame oil.

First oil up the pan and saute the onions until they are clear and smell yummilicious. Then throw in the sliced mushrooms and saute until soft. I had to add a little more oil since mushrooms love to absorb that stuff. Then add the soy sauce! Depending on the soy sauce, some sugar may be required so it doesn’t become overly salty. Add a splash of red wine and cover the pan. How much soy sauce to use ┬áis really up to you, depending if you like saucy dishes or not. I prefer to make extra sauce so I can lay this stuff right on my white rice. So yumssss.

When both the onions and mushrooms are soft and infused with the soy-wine sauce, drizzle a generous amount of sesame oil, give the pan a stir and plate. You’re done!

I cooked this 5 minutes before my sister had to leave for the airport. Off to San Diego it went!


I think the secret behind this dish is the use of sesame oil. It brings out such a great earthy flavor. Many thanks to Brian for making this dish so I can eat it 24/7 and blog about it here. Now I’m REALLY hungry and thus must find some food to eat…